In the End – there were sex slaves, zombies, and convicts

Posted: December 14, 2014 in 5 Star Reviews, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
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5 of 5 Badass-Chick Stars – In the End by Demitria Lunetta.

This is an awesome fucking book. Even better than the first one, In the After. In this book, there’s so much more conflict and action. It’s an unrelenting race to the end. No dull moments whatsoever.

This is the story of Amy, and her fucked up world, where the planet is overrun by monsters that people thought were aliens, but turned out to be humans that were infected by some bio-weapon that turned them into some kind of plant-like zombie monster called a Florae. They might as well be zombies, because they eat human flesh, and you turn into one if you’re bitten.

In this book, Amy has escaped from her torment at the Ward in New Hope, and is heading off to another civilized shelter called Fort Black. But that place isn’t quite as civilized as New Hope, because it used to be a prison, so it’s filled with mostly convicts. The place is brutal. When she gets there, the first thing that happens, is some ugly brute tries to rape her.

Then, she is saved by her new love interest, Jacks, which is a character completely lifted from Sons of Anarchy, I fucking swear. He’s a tattoo artist, who is covered in tatts himself. It’s not said if he was in a biker gang, I Just assumed that bit. But seriously, he’s just a sensitive badass. In this prison society, all women belong to someone. So, Jacks takes it upon himself to “own” Amy. She’s not too thrilled about this idea, but is happy to be owned if she isn’t constantly harassed by the other men.

One has to wonder how this sensitive badass, who the whole prison is afraid of, hasn’t taken himself a sex slave before this. I mean, he’s hot. He’s badass. Everyone’s scared of him. How come he doesn’t have his own bitch already? Everyone else does. Is he just a flaming homosexual? Apparently not, because he takes quite a liking to Amy. But I really do find that this is kind of a small plot hole in this story. There’s no way this guy didn’t own himself a bitch or two in that place. No fucking way.

But it’s still a great book, nonetheless. I’d highly recommend it. I mean, if you don’t like this book, there’s got to be something wrong with you. Either that, or you just can’t suspend belief enough that some hot tattooed hunk just happened to save himself for this young girl. I hear ya, man. But come on. Just give it a chance. It’s well worth the read.

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