2 of 5 Bogus Stars – All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

The beginning of this book was amazing. Full of all kinds of time-travel paradoxes. Okay, that makes it sounds fancy. It wasn’t fancy time-travel theory or anything. It was Bill & Ted’s hide the documents theory. You know, you think of something that you should do in the past, and woah, there’s the keys behind that bush!

So, Em hides the documents from herself. The documents that will change the world, because they include the secret tech to build a vast time machine. Once the time-travel fun concludes after a few chapters, we fall into a slump of “Where’s the documents?” or “Who hid the documents?” or “OMG I found the documents.”

Seriously, that’s the whole middle of this book. Like 200 pages of looking for, or hiding, or finding these documents.

Then, in the last few chapters, the Bill & Ted time-travel bits come back into play. OMG there’s another you, dude. No way?! Totally! So the evil Bill tries to kill the good Bill, and the evil Ted gets hold of the documents and… Woah man. It’s like totally bogus, dude.

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  1. That sounds so confusing

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  2. Jane Emily says:

    LMAO. Your reviews are what goes through my brain WHILST I’m reading a book. Awesome review! 🙂

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